Highland Woods RV Pompano Beach Florida

Highland Woods – Pompano Beach Florida

After our stay in Daytona, we headed south to the Florida Keys.  Since we have a larger rig, we are taking it slow and breaking our trips up to just a few hours a day.  So our next stop before we make our way to Fiesta Keys, we made a stop at Highland Woods RV Park in Pompano Beach.  We were excited because this Park is so close to the ocean.  Well we get there, and unfortunately this park is not our favorite.  Not saying it isn’t good for everyone, it does have it’s perks.  Let me explain our experience.

Are We There Yet?

The GPS brought us to the office at Breezy Hill, which is right next door.  The only thing is, we get there, and no one comes out, and there is a gate that requires a code to get in.  Okay, thats not the park but we have a big rig and now need to get turned around.  Yes, we are still testing the waters doing u-turns with The Holiday Rambler.  We finally get turned around, go out and there are entrances to the Highland Woods park just around the corner, but they have those gate arms down.  If you don’t know you would think you would need a code for those.  After driving by, calling, doing another 2 u-turns, we found out those gate bars are automatic.  Yay!  We made it, now to get parked.

Getting Turned Around

Highland Woods RV

So it was interesting getting parked because of people leaving and getting turned around and whatnot.  They had us park right next to another camper, no problem, except these are some tight spots.  Funny thing, there were several open spots that they could have put us in, but hey it’s all good.  Getting parked was interesting.  It was a lot of my husband trusting me and listening.  But we did have some obstacles.  In many of the spots the sewer hookup stuck up out of the ground in the middle of where you would park an RV, and we had to work around an electrical junction box, a tree and the neighboring camper.  EEEEKKK!  After many times of saying you have 5″ to move, turn your wheel, back up, STOP, move forward, straighten up, etc.  We got parked.  Phew!

Hooking Up

Now to get hooked up.  We were on the fence line and had our car dolley, in which we detached to get the RV parked.  So we moved that into place along the fence line.  With the dolley in place we luckily didn’t have to crawl under the camper to hook up the sewer, so that was a small blessing.  lol, it is the strange things you count as blessings.  I forgot to mention, it was hotter than “H E double hockey sticks”.  We were able to get all hooked up, but the spot was too close to be able to put out the awning.  So we went inside to cool off and relax for a bit.

Quick Visit to Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach Pier

After things cooled down and we got a little break, we went site seeing a little.  We went down to the Pompano Beach.  Strolled along the beach for just a bit, then made our way onto the pier.  It was nice to sit on the pier and just take in the salty air, and the beautiful sites.  Since it was getting dark we made our way back to the camper.  Our neighbor arrived back a little while after we got back, so when I went to let the dog out, I was shocked to see a truck backed in about a foot away from my step (see pic below).  Not the warm fuzzy feeling I was looking for, a little too close for comfort.  But, if you look at the layout of the lots, there was no other place for our neighbor to park.  I did forget to get an actual pic of the lots for a visual, sorry.  I would say I will the next time, but I don’t think there will be a next time for this park.

Call Ahead

Now some good qualities. They do have a nice pool area, and there is a nice patio area near the laundry room.  My take away from the park, if you have a small Camper and don’t mind being extremely close to your neighbors, it is doable.  It is convenient if you want to spend some time near Pompano Beach.  If you do have a Big RV and are booked to stay at Highland Woods, I suggest going through the gates that automatically open at Highland Woods park and walking over to the office at Breezy Hill.  Maybe even call ahead, so you know what lot you are in, so you can park and then grab the paperwork.  That’s just my suggestion from our experience.


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