Is the Boomer Retiree Fulltime Rv Lifestyle for You?

With the Boomer generation retiring at a rate of 10,000 each day, the recreational vehicle (RV) industry has been booming. Many are buying one for vacations, but others are selling their homes and hitting the road for fulltime RV living. If you have been thinking about living year-round in an RV, there are some lifestyle changes you may love and others not so much.

See new sights and enjoy different terrains.

Sure, you may just want to hang out at the beach or in the mountains, but you can have both along with some desert and lake living as well. When your home is on wheels, your location is up to you and changeable on a whim. Hike in the mountains one month and tan on the beach the next.
If you hate uncertainty and need to plan every facet of your life in advance, you could find the vagabond RV lifestyle a challenge. Or, if you would be upset when your desired location reservation is not available, you could experience frustration now and then.

Enjoy seasonally great climate.

When it is hot in July and August, you could be in the mountains enjoying cool days and cooler nights. On the flip side, in the winter you can head for the beach on the southern coast to enjoy the sun and balmy weather. Many RV retirees plan their year in advance around the weather and the most pleasant climate seasonally.

If you are averse to long-term planning, you could experience some distress when you wait until the spring to try to get a reservation at an RV park in your desired location. Do not forget that there are many others out there with the same lifestyle goals.

Handle the business of life with online resources.

You may already be banking online and getting most of your documents via email, but you can go to even greater technological lengths to cut the cords of a permanent location. There are mail services for RV living that provide a physical address that receives your mail. The service will scan envelopes and send the scans via email. If you want, they will scan the contents as well, then shred or physically forward the mail to your chosen address.

If you enjoy the “people” aspect of daily business, want to be greeted by the mail person or the bank teller you know by name, this digital lifestyle could be a bit of a change for you. If you enjoy the same people at the grocery store and the cleaners for a chat, that will all be gone with the RV lifestyle.

You will need to be a little bit mechanical.

No, you will not have to make repairs on your RV, as there will always be places nearby for that. In areas with many RV parks, there will also be mobile RV repair services. However, you will have a few tasks necessary in daily living. You will have gray and black water tanks that must be emptied periodically. You must also treat the tank(s) to keep them in good condition. Checking tire pressures before moving is advisable. There are other little odds and ends that are not usually any more of a problem than living in a regular home.

If you still have a yearning for the vagabond lifestyle, you are in good company. There are online social communities where RV people discuss the lifestyle and even coordinate stays in the same RV parks. Some make them annual events for fun.


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