Peace River Campground Wauchula Florida

Peace River Wauchula Fl

Peace River Campground in Wauchula Florida

Thousand Trails Peace River Campground is the second stop on our Thousand Trails Adventure.  We just left Winter Quarters Manatee RV Resort in Bradenton.  Of course with everything at your fingertips, we had to google what our next stop would look like.  When you go online, please note there are two campgrounds called Peace River, they are about 23 miles apart.  The Thousand Trails Peace River Campground is in Wauchula, Florida and the other Peace River Campground (Not affiliated with Thousand Trails) is in Arcadia.  Two totally different parks that both offer families a unique experience.  Now that I separated those a little, let me tell ya about the Thousand Trails Peace River Campground.

Like I mentioned above, we went online to see reviews and figured out where we were going next.  We read the wrong reviews, so we were expecting something a little different than what we found.  So with what we read in the back of our mind we weren’t exactly sure this would be a great fit for what we like.  We aren’t as young and fun as we used to be.  To our surprise it had none of what we saw online.  The reviews we read were for the other park.

Finding the Right Spot

One thing that is interesting about Thousand Trails Peace River Campground, is it is a first come first serve for spots.  There are limited RV spots with full hookup.  So if you want the works, you want to time things just right.  With that in mind I was a little concerned. I like having it all together, and prefer not to have to move often to clean the black water tank.  When we got there, we found a spot with the works.  It was a little small, and the hookups just didn’t work well for our RV. Our RV was a little too big, and lines didn’t stretch as far as we would need them to. Since we unhooked the car already and had things semi in place we decided to see if we could find a better spot.  Luckily two roads over we found the perfect spot.

My in-laws got here a day earlier, and I think it runs in the family.  Of course I wasn’t here, but the spot they got was on one of the first roads, so they took it.  It did fit their Class A, and it was shady, just a little tighter than they prefer.  This is where it gets a little interesting.  Since it is a first come first serve style park, if you see a spot come open that you like better, you can take it.  You just have to let the office know.  When we got settled, the couple across from us found a shadier spot and moved down. Then my in-laws moved over across from us.  So even though I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to work with the free for all, it did end up working out great.

Jayco Peace River

Settled in and Making Memories

Now that we got all settled, we had a chance to kick back and relax.  The Thousand Trails Peace River Park has a lot to offer.  You have the Peace River for fishing, Fossil Panning, swimming, canoeing, and relaxing.  Trails to hike or bike on.  In my husbands case ride your segway, and fall off (see video below).  There is a fenced in dog park for your furbabies to run and burn some energy.  Don’t forget your normal campground stuff, like the swimming pool, shuffle board, horse shoes, pickle ball and the play ground.  You will even find mini golf here.

Plus the park offers some great activities for the kids and adults alike.  We are new to Thousand Trails parks, but I think most parks offer special activities throughout the week.  We will find out more as we go.  So far during our stay this park has had cash Bingo, Candy Bingo and Meat Bingo.  This morning they had shuffleboard.  Yesterday we saw the ice cream truck.  They have craft days and events for kids and adults.  They offer movie nights.  Oh, and a Farmers Market comes and sets up every Friday with fresh fruits and veggies, farm fresh eggs and even some canned goods.  That is just to name a few of the special activities this park has to offer.  This is just to name a few of the events that I was aware of.  The good thing is there is always something to do.  All in all the Thousand Trails Peace River Park is a great place for families, and pets.


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