Sunshine Holiday Daytona

Since my last post we have stayed at both Sherwood Forest and Lake Magic, both Encore parks.  With the new rig, I have lost track of stuff.  But Sherwood Forest and Lake Magic are near our home base so I won’t count it as much.  After several weeks of figuring out what we need, and what we don’t in the new ride, we finally took a venture out.  We made our way outside of our bubble.

Sunshine Holiday Daytona Encore RV Resort

We made our way north to Daytona.  Our first stop outside of our bubble,  Sunshine Holiday Daytona Encore RV Resort.  We arrived May 4th just about noon.  May 4th wasn’t only Star Wars Day but it was a hot day weather wise.  We got to the park, and the offices are still closed due to Covid, but they had our paperwork ready, hanging on a hook the right side of the door.  We are traveling with the parents again so we grabbed the paperwork, and headed to our spots.  Yes, we planned to park side by side.

Now getting to our site.  The layout of the campground is interesting, it’s in a circle.  If you look at the map, it makes me think of a bar bell.  Anyway, we are on the end lot 72.  The plus side to this campground, most are pull thru lots, YAY!.  The roads however, are slightly narrow.  As you know we got a bigger rig so this is our first experience in a tight turning spot.  It was tricky but manageable, I’m sure we will have more interesting stops, as our journey has just recently started.

For my in-laws, things didn’t go as planned.  Someone was still in their spot on number 71.  OOPS!  Somehow the wires got crossed in communication.  After a phone call and speaking to someone in the office, they actually ended up with an elite spot just across from us.  You can just imagine we were all hot and miserable, and weren’t expecting any changes.  Gratefully things turned out for the best.  With the events of this day, the next day we ended up taking it easy.


Now the park… As you come into the park, the office is straight ahead.  The pool is out back behind the office.  You will also find the bathrooms and laundry in this building.  Just before you get to the office you will see some tent sites on both the right and left side, along the water and tree lines.  To the right as you drive in, there is a cute little play area for the kids, with a Big Foot Wooden Jeep and a Wooden train, swings and don’t forget the slide.  It’s a great place for the kiddos to run around.  You will also find bocce ball near the playground.   To the left is Mini Golf, shuffle board, horseshoes tennis and basketball courts (maybe pickle ball).     Just across from the office there is a nice volleyball court.  There is also a few umbrella spots to sit down and relax, or visit with new friends.  If you have furbabies, they have a fenced in dog park for the pups to run around and play.

Sunshine Holiday

In Summary, We like it here

So far I really do like this park, it’s nice and wooded.  There were some spots that seemed to hold water when it rained, but it went away after about an hour.  Yes our spot was one of them, but it wasn’t too bad, we have tented in worse.   The dog park has been a little soggy so we haven’t been back for a few days, but it looks like they may be trying to fix that?  We will have to see the next time we visit.  And Yes, we will definitely visit.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, we tend to venture out away from the RV parks just to see what is in the area.  Oh, and we like food, maybe just a little too much. And there happens to be Awesome BBQ down the road a bit.  Of course we also had to check out Buc-cee’s too.  We also made our way to check out Ormond Beach for a bit, then made our way down to Daytona.  We also made it down to St. Augustines for a few hours.


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