The Pioneer Restaurant Zolfo Springs

The Pioneer Restaurant

Like normal, during our stay at any campground, we like to venture out.  We love finding new fun things to do, and of course we love to eat.  During our stay at Thousand Trails Peace River Campground, we ventured over to Zolfo Springs.  Like I said we like to venture out, and we saw this little restaurant on the corner, The Pioneer Restaurant.  It was closed when we were traveling through, but it wasn’t an “Aw!” moment of a place we needed to stop.

Now the story behind why we finally made our way back to Zolfo Springs to visit the Pioneer Restaurant three times, before we loaded up the camper.  So, as I have mentioned in past posts, we are doing some traveling with the outlaws, I mean in-laws.  (Good thing if I call them outlaws, “Outlaws are wanted”).  The husband and Father in law Love Pizza, and have been talking about it non-stop of when we were going to have pizza.  My husband did a search and found someone wrote a review about “The Best Pizza in Florida” was at The Pioneer Restaurant.  So we headed on down, to finally get these guys some pizza.

Well, we get there, get seated and are handed a copy of a hand written menu.  Of course nowadays we are so used to the hustle and bustle of the city life, we weren’t expecting a handwritten menu.  Unfortunately the guys had to suck it up, there was no pizza on the menu tonight.  So yes, my mother in law and myself had to listen to the men whine for pizza a few more days.  But we all found something we did like on the menu, and enjoyed our meal.  There were several options on the menu.  And for some reason I didn’t ever get a pic of the menu or the food.  Guess we are all just ready to eat during our visit.  And I guess we will have to venture back some day.

Back to the food.  If you are looking for a good home cooked meal, and you are on the road, I suggest dropping by The Pioneer Restaurant in Zolfo Springs.  After our first meal for dinner, we had to go back two more times and tried lunch and breakfast.  Oh, and don’t forget to grab dessert.  I had Lemon Meringue Pie, YUM! The food is “What momma or grandma would make”. Possibly full of love.  (unless your mom and grandma can’t cook).

Zolfo Springs is a dated country town.  And the Pioneer Restaurant will give you a step back in time, from the exterior to the interior, and the home cooked meal.  It seems to be a local favorite as well.  Every time we went in we can hear laughter and stories.  When I say a step back in time, it did bring me back to when I was a kid.  It seemed everyone in there (except for us) knew each other well.  Even though we were outsiders, everyone was welcoming.  So, if you ever get a chance, take a trip to Zolfo Springs, and stop by The Pioneer Restaurant for a home cooked meal.  You won’t be disappointed, at least we weren’t.



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