Visiting Sedona, Arizona

Sedona Arizona

Before Sedona, Arizona was “Sedona,” it was a sacred site to Native Americans in the region. And when you take one look at this beautiful and scenic city and surrounding area, you can immediately see why that is the case. The starkly gorgeous desert landscape and the city blend seamlessly together bringing forth one of the most breathtaking sights you have ever seen.

Cathedral RockCathedral Rock

Sedona is famous for several reasons, but perhaps the most well-known is the red rocks of Sedona. The red stones are a form of sedimentary rock that has a red color because of ferrous oxide present in the rock. Perhaps the most infamous red rock site in the Sedona area is Cathedral Rock. Cathedral Rock is literally the most often photographed site in Arizona, and with good reason. The unbelievable spires are a deep red color and contain deep ridges and ripples formed by the waves of the ancient Pedregosa Sea.

Cathedral Rock is visible from various vantage points across the desert as well as from the Sedona city skyline. However, the best way to experience Cathedral Rock is up close and in person. You can actually hike up to what is known as the saddle points of Cathedral Rock. The saddle points are the gaps in between the large rocks. The trail to get up there is short but steep and is a challenge with a payoff well worth the effort. The view of Cathedral Rock up close is unlike anything you have ever seen before or will again.

Ilichi Lee stated in his famous work The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart, “People’s hearts color the heart of the earth and the earth colors the hearts of people.” While he may not have been talking about Cathedral Rock specifically, it is easy to see the connection between the vast red rocks of Cathedral Rock and the Sedona area and this beautiful connection made with the red earth and the human heart.

Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon

The Sedona area is not just barren desert. There are actually trees, water, and even green plants to be seen in the area. In fact, Oak Creek Canyon, located in the wilderness between Sedona and Flagstaff is situated in the Coconino National Forest. Natural beauty abounds in the Oak Creek Canyon area and you do not want to miss out on the chance to picnic, hike, and fish along the rivers in the area.

And if you are the truly adventurous sort, you have to take a ride down the natural water slide found in Slide Rock State Park, just seven miles outside of Sedona. This natural water slide is 80 feet long and is an exciting and exhilarating adventure that you cannot pass up. Nature designed this wonderful site for swimming.

Hiking trails about in the Oak Creek Canyon areas, as do opportunities for good fishing, boating, kayaking and more. There are a myriad of stunning sites to see and experiences to have that you cannot gain anywhere else.

Sedona Culture

Sedona Culture

Sedona, while best known for its scenery and natural sites, is not without its city charms as well. The art community is strong in the Sedona area. At the heart of this thriving and vibrant community is the Sedona Arts Center. This Arts Center includes an art school as well as a stunning fine arts gallery showcasing the works of local artists in the Sedona area. Arts festivals and showcases are also a major mainstay with the Sedona Arts Center and throughout the city as a whole.

On top of the Sedona Arts Center, there are more than 80 art galleries scattered throughout the city. Performing arts are also embraced in Sedona, with a variety of theatres and live performance venues. Of course, sometimes, adults visiting Sedona want a little time away from their kids and responsibilities and they can get just that by visiting the local microbreweries or attending the annual Sedona Winefest. Sedona Winefest features Arizona’s best and most unique wineries as well as beautiful art and music to make it an all around cultural experience.

Sedona is the most unbelievably picturesque and stunning city and region to behold. With natural wonders unlike any others in the world and a vast array of cultural attractions and sites, you do not want to miss out on the opportunity to spend your time in this idyllic environment.



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