Wicked Cantina at Bradenton Beach

Wicked Cantina Bradenton Beach

Wicked Cantina at Bradenton Beach

We just started our Thousand Trails Journey at Winter Quarters Manatee Encore RV Resorts.  Of course we like to experience our surroundings, especially when it comes to food.  Our neighbor at the park recommended Wicked Cantina at Bradenton Beach.  And who can pass up good Tex-Mex food?  Not us!  We spent the day at Manatee Public Beach and that evening headed down to the Wicked Cantina, for some Wicked Amazing food.

The Wicked Cantina is definitely a popular place.  There were a few parties ahead of us so we had to wait a bit.  I think the inside was less crowded, but we opted to wait forty five minutes to be seated outside.  But while we waited, we went next door to the Green Turtle gift shop.  The gift shop has a little bit of everything from seashells to t-shirts and everything in between.

Green Turtle Gift Shop Bradenton Beach

Our wait for the Cantina was worth it.  We got our seats outside in the beautiful Florida sunshine, and were served nice, warm tortilla chips with the perfect crunch and a side of salsa.  (Yes, I love me some chips and salsa!).  They also had live entertainment, so while we snacked on chips waiting for our meal and soaked in the ocean breeze, we were serenaded by a young lady with great talent.

Now the food….  The food was Amazing!  It’s all hand made in house daily.  There were so many things to choose from, it was hard to decide. My daughter and I compromised, and decided to share the Brisket Tacos.  Which was a good choice. YUM!  My husband and Father in law both got a burrito and said it was the best burrito they ever had.  Both of these men love food, so I am trusting their word for it.  My Mother in law got the ladies dinner for a little lighter meal, with no complaints.

Wicked Cantina Burrito

By the time we finished our food, we had enough time to run across the street to the beach and watch the sun set.  Actually, us ladies left the men at the table to pay the bill so we could get some pics of the sunset.  What a breathe taking view.  The Wicked Cantina at Bradenton Beach gets ten thumbs up from our crazy crew of 5.  Great food, great service, Awesome entertainment, and a perfect ending to our day with a Beautiful Sunset on the Beach.  (Sorry my picture below does not do the sunset justice, but it was beautiful to see in person.)

Bradenton Beach Sunset

With all that said, if you are ever near Bradenton Beach and want some good Tex-Mex food.  I suggest dropping by Wicked Cantina.  We liked it so much the first time, we had to drop by for dinner a second time before we left the area. They do breakfast too, but this trip we opted for Breakfast at Manatee Beach.  We may have to plan another trip just for breakfast. and more beach adventures.


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